Mechanical stone

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : This type of finishing includes different processes that can change the natural stone surface in order to achieve or enhance some of the tile qualities. The group includes perhaps the most well-known textures, which are often preferred by the customers.

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : Finishing is a manufacturing process whose purpose is to obtain a surface with adequate characteristics for the particular application of the product being manufactured. This includes but is not limited to the cosmetic product. In some cases, the finishing process can have the additional purpose of getting the product to meet dimensional specifications.

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone :  There are three main types: 

  • Polished finish
  • Honed finish
  • Satin finish

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : Polished finish

if you want a refined glossy surface of your natural stone tiles, then this finish is exactly what you need. The shine comes from using abrasive materials, such as polishing bricks or powders during fabrication. It highlights the natural colours and grains of the stone and makes the surface reflective. This type of finish is suitable for almost all kind of stones and in our shop you can find a variety of polished marble, limestone, travertine, and granite. Some of the disadvantages of this finish is that it wears away by foot traffic, requires regular maintenance and makes the surface quite slippery. A plus is that it can be applied to stones used both as interior and exterior tiles.

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : Honed finish

it is a finish that makes the surface of natural stone smooth and matted, without or with limited reflection of light. The same method and abrasive materials are used to achieve this finish as in polished finish, but polishing stops at an earlier stage and the stone is not buffed. The surface has a lighter shade but the overall colour and depth of the stone are preserved. Tiles are smooth but quite porous and should definitely be sealed. For our clients we offer travertine tiles that are honed and filled. In general, this type of finish can be applied to different stones and is preferred for locations with heavy traffic, such as floors, stairs, thresholds. We offer a great variety of honed tiles both for interior and exterior purposes – marble, slate, limestone, travertine, granite.

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : Satin finish 

it’s a surface finish that is somewhat in the middle between the previous two options. It brings some shine and gloss to the natural stone surface, but it is neither as reflective as the polished finish, nor as matte as the honed finish. It is still new and not so common finish but has great potential. You can find it under the name Satinato as well.

Mechanical stone finishing Details

Mechanical stone : 

Types of Surface Textures stones

Rock or stone is a natural substance, a solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids. For example, granite, a common rock, is a combination of the minerals quartz, feldspar and biotite. The Earth’s outer solid layer, the lithosphere, is made of rock.

Rock has been used by mankind throughout history. The minerals and metals found in rocks have been essential to human civilisation.

Three major groups of rocks are defined: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. The scientific study of rocks is called petrology, which is an essential component of geology.

Stones have different surface textures:

  1. Honed
  2. Polished
  3. Flamed
  4. Tumbled
  5. Sand Blasted
  6. Sawn
  7. Bush Hammered

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Mechanical stone finishing Details

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