Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : Quartzolite or silexite is an intrusive igneous rock, in which the mineral quartz is more than 90% of the rock’s felsic mineral content, with feldspar at up to 10%.  Typically, quartz forms more than 60% of the rock, the rest being mostly feldspar although minor amounts of mica or amphibole may also be present. Quartzolite occurs as dykes, sills, veins, bosses and segregation masses. It is an extremely rare type of rock.No extrusive rock equivalent of quartzolite is known. Quartzolite is found in association with greisen and pegmatite.

Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : The use of the synonym “silexite” is discouraged because it is the French word for chert, which is a sedimentary rock. Other less common synonyms are “igneous quartz” and “peracidite

Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : Some occurrences of quartzolite are unlikely to have an entirely igneous origin; for example, two types of quartzolite that are associated with deposits of topaz in and around the Mole Granite pluton in Torrington, NSW, are believed to have formed in different ways. One type forms dykes and sills in the granite and in the surrounding metamorphic rocks. The other type has remnants of an earlier granite texture and is found on the outer edges of part of the pluton.

Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : There is a huge value for natural stones and it is more than a momentary measures. The value of these stones raised because of its properties like longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence and stability. Natural stones are becoming more available and affordable because of advancing stones quarrying and processing technology that is getting improved over the years. New technology, automation, are allowing fabrication to cut natural stones thinner, faster, and more consistently with less cost over the time period. Development of anchoring technologies and systems make installation easier, quicker, and more secure. Likewise, regular stone is easy to tend to, has an appearance that truly enhances with age and can endure forever.

Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : The choice of stone will depend on a variety of considerations such as the client or homeowner’s aesthetic preferences, budget, intended use, and technical requirements for the specific application. There are many visual similarities among different materials, but few can naturally achieve the sustainable qualities of natural stone. So, when specifying stone to meet sustainability goals and requirements it is important to have a thorough and clear understanding of how to ask for what you need, and have a clear set of communications for both quality assurance and quality control on the project. It starts with setting goals for the project and determining how they can be met with stone, then coordinating the selection, fabrication, finishing, installation methods, and maintenance that will help you meet those goals.

Quartzolite and Detail Information

Quartzolite : 

Features and Properties

  1. Variety
  2. Durability 
  3. Green Attributes 
  4. Unique 
  5. Value


There is enormous diversity of natural stones that encourages limitless designs potential. Aesthetically, everything is based on your views, on your imaginations. Stones are formed within the earth crust. Earth has its major contribution in variety and to enhance the creativity its provides. And this stones are having different properties, designs etc that cannot be duplicated in any form and anywhere.


Almost all stones contains the nature of durable. Especially natural stones exhibits a durability that cannot be found in other building materials. There is always a emotional connection with emotional connection to building and monuments build in stones that carries a great meaning because of history and a legacy of man kind through the ages.

Green Attributes

Natural stones like granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone, among other possess innate characteristics that contribute towards LEED that is Leadership in energy and environment design. Stones are considered as low embodied energy, ready availability as a natural stone’s low embodied energy, ready availability as a naturally occurring material. Some of the high properties of stones are high thermal capacitance, no off-gass to impair indoor air quality, exceptional durability for low maintenance and structural permanence. Use of natural stones shows the care, love for mother nature and environment.


Natural stones are made from quartz-like particles called silica etc. Almost most of the stones are unique posses different design etc. Designing a project with natural stone show your care for environment, it will always stand out and reflect the passion, taste and personality of the designer along with the designs. Natural stones cannot be faked, mimicked and manufactured in any laboratory so it is one of the kind of building material and unique.

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Quartzolite and Detail Information

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