All You Need to Know Before Buying White Marble Flooring

All You Need to Know Before Buying White Marble Flooring

Posted on: 02 May, 2022

Marble has the unique capacity to cloak every area in your home in luxury. There is simply no substitute for magnificent marble when it comes to achieving rich looks with a natural stone. You may use many different types of marble in your home, with white marble flooring being a popular choice. Depending on where and how they will be used in a room, each variety of marble has its own unique looks and function.

Marble is a calcium-rich natural stone, which means it will alter over time as it is used, giving it character. This is especially true of white marble, where flaws are more noticeable. If properly cared for, it can stay in great shape, keeping its distinct personality.

As you plan to install white marble flooring at your property, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. These points will help you select the best white marble slab and ensure a healthy project life:

Origin Of The Marble Slabs

It is crucial to understand where the marble slab came from. Ensure that your desired marble supplier has a superb online and offline reputation to assure that you are not misled. Confirming the origin of your marble slabs will allow you to plan installation and maintenance course for them. Marbles from different regions have distinct absorption, colour, and care properties. Because of its origin, marble is also a sustainable flooring choice for your home.

Difference Between Cracks & Fissures In White Marble Flooring

When looking for white marble flooring slabs in India, it is important to understand the difference between cracks and fissures. Improper handling results in cracks in marble slabs, degrading their quality. A crack in a white marble slab indicates that it was dropped from a great height during transit or storage. If you detect cracks in a marble slab, request that it be replaced.

On the other hand, fissures are a feature of the stone slab that occurs naturally. Buying white marble slabs with fissures will not come back to harm you in the near future because the existence of fissures does not degrade the stone's quality.

White Marble Flooring Is Not Always Shiny

Marble can be treated with either a high gloss or a matte finish, depending on the application. Marble flooring is among the top home renovation ideas that people generally adopt to give their home a makeover.

Polished Marble

Marble flooring with a high-gloss finish is the most popular option. The lustre is achieved by grinding the surface with a stone-polishing machine. The process brings out the veining and gives the stone a dazzling, sumptuous appearance. Polished marble will keep its reflecting finish for many years if properly maintained.

Honed Marble

This finish style is only lightly polished, producing a flat, smooth surface but not a shine. Honed marble floor tile has a sturdy surface with a soft matte feel that some people prefer over polished marble because it is more down to earth.

Take Note Of Veining Patterns

The presence of veining patterns on white marble flooring slabs is one of the most eye-catching qualities of the material. An Onyx marble slab might feature vein patterns in the form of cross-cut or florid cut, giving the slab an open flowery pattern. The veining pattern depends on the origin of the stone.

White Marble Walling

White marble is a great way to start a conversation. Marble clad walls in your home give a sense of sophistication that is difficult to achieve elsewhere. White is a timeless colour in and of itself. It has a sparkle that is difficult to ignore.

By making your area appear spacious and lively, it expands the proportions and perceptions of space. It is also best suited to hot and humid environments. Marble wall coverings can also withstand high pressure and temperatures while remaining stable, strong, and sturdy under adverse weather situations. Thus, it provides a protective barrier surrounding your home.


It is important to keep in mind that you should be cautious when looking for white marble slabs for your home. Choose a reputed white marble provider who has a good reputation. Once installed, white marble flooring will stay in place for years or decades. So, it is essential to make the flooring decision wisely to avoid any long term mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What type of marble is best for floors at home?

White floors are always a good choice. If you have a small house and want to make it appear larger, a glossy white marble like the Carrara Marble will help. If your house design allows, choose complementing light-coloured natural stones for a more dramatic effect.

Q2. How to avoid the cracking of marble?

Before deciding on a flooring option, look for natural flaws in the marble. To avoid problems in the long term, make sure the stone tiles are installed appropriately by competent labour. Furthermore, marble is susceptible to moisture, so maintain the atmosphere as dry as possible.

Q3. Since marble is an expensive stone, is the investment in this flooring worth the cost?

Marble floors are incredibly long-lasting, and most homeowners will not need to replace them in their lifetime. Furthermore, because the stone is heat-resistant, it is always cold to the touch, which is a boon in a hot country like India. The floor will also dramatically increase the value of your property if you are ever looking to sell it.

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